Where To Buy PS5

For the past 1 week, maybe we were very excited about the PS5 - The Future Of Game event that Sony brought.

Sony has provided design details from the future of the 5th generation PS, a stylized design of V, and made the audience surprised by it.

Sony has not announced the price of the PS5 / PS5 Digital versions, but many rumors say the price of PS5 will not be cheap, but the price of $ 599 for the standard PS5 version is really hard to stop the fans. Sony loyalists.

Following the success of the PS4, Sony has brought a party full of exclusive games for its latest platform. New names such as Godfall, Returnal, Athia are all impressed and very promising quality. The sequel to Spider-Man - Spider-Man: Miles Morales - made fans burst with joy. Horizon Forbidden West captivates fans with the vast world and the majestic beasts that Aloy will revert to. Ratchet and Sackboy are back to bring great experiences to the family.

It could not have been more expected, far too satisfying, too exhilarating. So do you want to be the first to experience the power of PS5, or wait until the end of the year and go to authorized SONY stores to get your hands on the super product.

SONY partnered with BestBuy, Gamestop, Target, and Walmart to distribute PS5, so you can find the store nearest, or go to Sony Center to be able to buy and experience PS5

Find the nearby store to get PS5 https://ps5releasedate.com/m/where-to-by-ps5