PS5 release date, exclusive games, prices, updates on Sep 09

RT @TWTHEREDDRAGON: 1/2 GameInformer: Watched Kena: Bridge of Spirits launch on PS5 from the menu & it took 2 seconds. That's not quick re…

So we have Kena Bridge of Spirits info from Gameinformer (Which Looks AWESOME). Spider-Man Miles Morales can't be far behind

BREAKING: I’m an industry insider, mark cerny just personally told me the

Watch the evolution of the

Easter egg on

Go ahead and make this jumper its too clean

RT @PS5only: “PS5 have scheduled an announcement tomorrow” - GAME Guildford

RT @NextGenPlayer: Sony’s slowness to reveal

RT @Salt1estGaming: (Rumor) 449.99

RT @jacinda_chew: Are you excited by all of our PS5 trailers? We just posted some tasty new jobs for Art Director, Lead Outsourcing Artist,…

RT @PS5only: GAME deleted their PS5 announcement tweet a few hours later, so I guess we will find out tomorrow..

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