PS5 release date, exclusive games, prices, updates on Jul 22

RT @summergamefest: Thursday, @Xbox Games Showcase live on

RT @BamTubeTV: This is absolutely amazing and exactly how this sort of thing should be handled! Can’t wait!

RT @WildlifeAlba: Alba is a little girl with a big heart! ☀️ Experience a magical Mediterranean Summer filled with friendship, family and…

RT @JessieVanAelst: It's been a while coming but SO excited to finally be able to share I'm working on @WildlifeAlba. 🐦🌱…

RT @geoffkeighley: Excited to have more then 70 free demos for fans to play as part of the @Xbox

RT @GreaterPowers_: The grandiose Ivory Tower. Another stunning location in Greater Powers.

RT @PSLifeStyle: Rumor: According to one insider who correctly leaked the June PS5 reveal, the next

RT @PS5only: Can’t get over how fresh this is.

RT @pushsquare: Rumour: PS5 Demo Station Appears in UK Store, Rumours of Pre-Orders Intensify

RT @geronimo_73: *BREAKING NEWS*

RT @muttvore: I drew her.

RT @LAzTheArtist: The lombax gal is pretty cute~

RT @AstroBullet: Got a platinum queen from the PS5 drops the other day and I had to give her a nice sketch up. I'm so excited.

RT @CartoonsComet: Yup, you already know.

RT @AblazaLuis: Guess which one is the CG movie and which one is the game

RT @ZumiDraws:

RT @TheRealRaze_: Ratchet and the Lombax girl. 👌

RT @geronimo_73: *BREAKING NEWS*