PS5 release date, exclusive games, prices, updates on Aug 16

RT @PS5only: Fortnite hints PS5 will be out by November 17

RT @2KIntel: Fortnite hints the release date of the

RT @PS5only: PS5 Liquid Metal Cooling - Patent “provides a structure in which a metal fluidity is utilized as a heat conductive material”…

RT @PSUdotcom: ‘Source’ Who Claimed That PS5 Would ‘Struggle’ To Do 4K Admits Lack Of Knowledge, Now Gone From ResetEra - Quantum Error Dev…

RT @M_Djz00: Sony Ponies 🤡😂🤣

Who's ready to win a

RT @FATALENIGMA: Are we seeing some of that sweet Ray Tracing going on here? 😄

@FameEnt2k That shit will end up either $500 or $600 for the disc version of the

RT @RICHFlair_: Kings! Get that

RT @Oigetit_Tech: One of the surprises from the reveal of the PlayStation 5 was just how big of a console it is. Read more:…

RT @BitCloudGaming: Sony Will Reportedly Use Liquid Metal Cooling For The

Kings! Get that