PS5 release date, exclusive games, prices, updates on Aug 07

RT @summergamefest: Cuphead is now out for PlayStation 4!

I’m giving PlayStation’s State of Play a B rating.

RT @_AlexKyaw: @geronimo_73 PlayStation 5 DualSense controller has been leaked showing a black variant of the controller. Source is unknown…

RT @SkullHornGames: The Homoelectrus are here...

they don't call me the luppy king for nothin'

RT @GermanStrands: The Pathless looks freaking amazing. Can't wait to play this game. Can the team that brought us Sonic the Hedgehog strike gold again with Balan Wonderland?…

RT @NextGenPlayer: Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda are coming to PlayStation, this is crazy 😳

RT @G_SterGaming: ANOTHER STEAM GIVEAWAY 1. Follow Page 2. Retweet 3. Leave comment Draw will be 7th Aug at 21:00 (GMT) Winner can choos…

RT @PS5only: The Medium - coming to PS5

RT @PSUdotcom: PS5 Embraces Streamers With Built-In Background Removal Tools

RT @GearboxOfficial: Nine minutes of @PlayGodfall

Temtem, a new take on the creature-collection genre, comes to

RT @pushsquare: PS5 Has Built-In Background Removal Tools for Streamers