PS5 release date, exclusive games, prices, updates on Aug 02

RT @PS5only: Today is the 1st of August PS5 estimated to be out November. Next PlayStation ‘State of Play’ Soon. Official announcement imm…

RT @NextGenPlayer: Sony still has “major third-party exclusive games to announce for

RT @MJHedden: @spotifypodcasts @Spotify @SpotifyCanada Episode

RT @DyegoJuan19: A Playstation PS4 game vs Series X Halo!

@spotifypodcasts @Spotify @SpotifyCanada Episode

RT @PSUdotcom: Rumor – Spider-Man Will Be Playable In Marvel’s Avengers, Exclusive To PS4 And PS5

RT @pushsquare: Rumours of a Sony PS5 showing in August are really starting to swirl. Some even say we're getting a price and release date…

RT @PS5only: The moment the PS5 logo was first revealed, January 2020 in Las Vegas.

RT @NextGenPlayer: Sony did the absolute best job cultivating new and older IPs this gen.

RT @BT_BlackThunder: Everyone this Christmas 🙂

RT @NextGenPlayer: What if