PS5 release date, exclusive games, prices, updates on Apr 25

Having fun during the event! Iron man looking good!

Over 56000

RT @womackcn: castle demo

RT @PeteyReilly: There is no place like home Tags:

Inside the White Snow Edition @OnlySteelBook

RT @GermanStrands: One day closer to the release of Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

RT @pushsquare: Returnal is maxing out all the buzzwords on PS5, and it looks and sounds the part as a result.

RT @pushsquare: PS5's UK Launch Marketing Just Won an Award

RT @JayDubcity16: Post up runs in the fight Kingthrash after Dragonmoor got knocked out of his boots.

RT @needynewtgaming: Streaming Forza 7 on Xbox series S

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