How much is PS5 price?

How much is PS5 price?Price Of PS5 Digital/PS5

So finally after much delay, SONY has provided details of the latest image of PS5. Fans are not disappointed when PS5 has an extremely advanced and luxurious design.
Unlike the tradition of PS, PS5 started with 2 versions of Digital and Blueray, but the price of both is still a mystery. There are many rumors about the price of PS5 (on amazon accidentally revealed evidence of Blueray version is £ 599) but SONY quickly denied that is a rumor.

In addition to the design, SONY has brought a monumental game party for PS4, with the top AAA blockbusters exclusive on PS5 such as Horizon Forbidden West, Hitman 3, Resident Evil 8, and especially the Demon's Soul. But the biggest question always is How much is ps5 price? So we can guess and wait for the official answer form SONY

But perhaps the most awaiting is still the return of Sackboy in a new adventure. Square-Enix's feminist project for PS5 also made fans crazy with a great graphics platform.
The only disappointment is that the PS5's selling price is still a mystery, SONY's tradition is always waiting for XBOX to attack first in order to defend.